Thingadailies: It's the Year of the Water Tiger!

My girl, born in the Year of the Metal Tiger

The Tiger children born in 2010 are just at the beginning of a junior high school in 2022, with a lot of study pressure. However, this year, they have strong willingness and good fortune in study. As long as they listen carefully in class and do a good job of review after class, their grades would be improved. They can participate in group study and discussion, learn from the students with good grades, and strengthen their friendship with classmates. They can also join some extra courses related to interest, which can not only benefit their study, but also widen their scope of knowledge.
They are lively, cheerful and talkative. After entering adolescence, they like to make friends. This year, they should pay attention to possible injuries and clashes when playing or doing sports with friends. They may have puppy love ideas. It is better for them to handle the relationship properly to avoid its negative influence on their studies.  

The health of the Tiger children born in 2010 is worrying in 2022. Minor illnesses or injuries often occur, which is of great concern not only for their personal safety but also for their studies. Therefore, it is recommended to take good care of themself in this year, and try not to do some dangerous actions, so as to avoid health problems or even disasters.
People with Chinese zodiac Tiger born in 2010 are quiet and composed. They are family-centered. They have good interpersonal relationships, and can easily get along well with others. Female Metal Tiger are generally open-minded, enthusiastic; quite different from the female, male Metal Tiger are usually hesitant, capricious and coy.

However, they are relatively silent and will not easily accept other people's advice, even if they need it very much. Their determination is not firm enough and easily shakes.

They are very ambitious, careful and good at analyzing, so they can earn a lot of money in their lives, especially from investment. But they are too greedy sometimes which may cause financial troubles for them.

It's Thingadailies time again!


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