Thingadailies: The third day

The third day of the New Year is allocated to grave-visiting, usually. Some people conclude it is inauspicious to do any house visiting at all, as it is believed that evil spirits roam the earth this day and hence it would be bad luck to be outdoors.


 And on the worst days, like today, it is a jumble of confusion--groggy, dizziness lightheadedness, vision lights askew and buzzing, sounds of throbbing making everything seem tunneled and unclear.

Getting up to move to the bed from the couch proved to be a poor idea when I was overcome with dizziness at the door and then woke, moments later, with my face in a broken bowl and my 19 year old running down the stairs to come to my aid.

A call to non-emerg line yielded a call to 911 and a visit by EMS. I am sure they were lovely. I remember almost nothing of the conversations, of the ride in the ambulance, of the wait in Triage, of being moved to the ER bed. 

Low hemoglobin (91g/L) strikes again. But not low enough for a blood transfusion (70g/L) so home I go. 

Enough excitement for one day.


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