A new normal

The most startling for the kids has been the closure of schools--potentially for the remainder of the school year! In an effort to maintain social distancing and to ensure kids dont become exposed to covid 19 in casual contact, the very difficult decision was made to close all k-12 schools, post secondaries, and daycare centres beginning immediately.

What does it mean? Apparently the schools are trying hard to put learning online for students to complete their curriculum but students are all to be passed forward to the next grade and all grade 12 students who were on track for graduation would still graduate. 

It is a shock to the system, late on a Sunday afternoon, to receive this information and we went out of a last restaurant dinner before it became unavailable to us. The kids were a mix of gladness for extra time off to complete annoyance that this was how school was going to end for the year. We will see what the daily grind looks like from here on out.


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