The daily grind

Things here at home feels ok with the kids--they are settled into a Spring Break kind of vibe, trying to not sleep in too late, to eat regularly scheduled meals and to find ways to keep busy at home (video games, painting, board games, etc)

But these are early days and, to be honest, as a person who was alone 90% of the time during the days for almost a year, things feel surreal with everyone home 100% of the time right now. There is a lot of anxiety around the totally unknown factors of this virus and even knowing if we are successfully "flattening the curve". Things change so quickly by the hour that each day feels like a year's worth of news.

That said, I am appreciative of the supportive communities around me--the gym 's online St Paddy's day get together, the Sexual Assault Centre's outreach through video conferencing our therapy sessions--have proven invaluable to making sure that the feelings of deep isolation and loneliness is stymied at least a little.


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