Chaos and Uncertainty

Two days later, March 11, everything has begun to escalate, with the Alberta government advising all Albertans to cancel travel internationally and to begin to warn people of the risk factors for covid19--symptoms ranging from fevers, cough, difficulty breathing, headaches and to ask people to be aware of passing it on to high risk groups (seniors over 70 and those with immunocompromised systems).

New words started to permeate our conversations: social distancing, quarantine, self-isolation. Social gatherings of more than 250 people or more requested, then demanded, to shut down. It was so odd to see, in real time, the shutdown of the NBA, the NHL, major league baseball.

The markets start tanking as the economy takes hit after hit--large scale layoffs begin to be apparent.

We were holding out for the Government of Canada but today it happened: no non-essential travel internationally. Our trip to Mexico officially cancelled because what if we werent even able to make it back home?


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