FUEL your Fire

I started a course through my gym called FUEL which focuses on "identifying personal values, missions, visions & goals, to pinpoint motivational triggers and barriers to change." In essence, it is the work of therapy put into guided action. We started with a discussion of what values I feel drawn to.

From the list given, I had three values aligned with "feeling" (courage, perseverance, forgiveness), which work to develop inner strength of character.  I felt like I had some components of these values but certainly have not learned how to keep to them all the time, nor how to identify when or where to push certain values and not others. "Feelers" struggle more with goal identification (ie. knowing the right goals, setting realistic strategies/timelines) and also struggle with emotional/mental boundaries.

My other four values aligned with "doing values" (compassion, encouragement, intentionality, and balance) which catalyze action and contribution. In short they are "achievement" oriented values, which should surprise no one who knows me. And because I skew towards doing than feeling, I struggle to establish (and maintain!) strong boundaries, particularly in regards to time management.

Value conversations are ways to separate action from simply belief. Those things that are of value will direct one's actions and inactions, accordingly. It doesnt help to just identify values that one wishes to uphold because that does not always transmit to meaningful action. It is action, however, which is difficult, especially in the throes of mental illness. 


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